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Thursday 6/27/02

3 days pre-travel

T-Minus 72hrs

    *Before I begin I should allow you guys to understand my relationship with my parents.  Its bad its very very bad.*

Parents- to a child is the essence of that is bad and evil in life

    Nosy, over caring, stubborn, fundamentalists, imbeciles at the "new" ways of life.  Does one actually care about the other or do they just fulfill their obligations as parents?  My philosophy?  Parents are greedy.  They are incorrigible and unable to change.  Take my mom for example.  Not the brightest star in the sky; grew up in a frugal and parsimonious family.  Because she didn't get to drive why shouldn't I?  Because she couldn't date until later in life, why can't I?  Because she didn't have the opportunities nor the money to travel in her deprived youth, why shouldn't I?  Times change!  It's been quite a few years since the early 1960's.  It's not even the same f*****g millennium nor century.  She also expects me to do what she did in her destitute adolescence, read, constantly.  She talks about how she used to read for hours and hours a day in her youth.  I don't give two sh**s.  My explanation for this rather bizarre behavior?  Its quite simple.  Television was nonexistent in China in the 1960's, hell even cars were a rare sight.  Being deprived of the euphoria of having, what I consider one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century, a TV set, necessitates one to seek escape from true reality.  They found sanctuary in books.  An escape from the cruelties of reality.  They enveloped themselves in books speaking of Utopia, fun, and eternal bliss.  Once again, time took its toll.  Recreation and relaxation no longer revolves around radios and books but movie theatres and TV.  My mom thinks that girls are evil.  She's evil.  I shouldn't call them, I shouldn't be friends with them, nor should I date them.  If I followed her rigid set of rules I think I'm gay.  They just don't understand.  Times change.  Friendship with girls are as common as friendship with guys.  Whatever, I'm not going to change because I'm in my adolescence and I only do what Americans do.  My parents are the ones that should change.  Times change, why shouldn't they.  They should realize that this is no longer China.  Education is no longer the only form of life, life expands infinitely in both directions. 

    Drew persuaded me to go swimming at CCV, so I went.  That bastard convinced me with his cheap persuasion skills.  Nice weather, bright sun, overall beautiful day.  Drew wanted to take a dip after her Junior Golf Tournament, and I believe mainly to check out some of the FINE ladies that were definitely NOT present there that afternoon.  Major disappointment to us and our counterparts.  Diving competition took up most of the first pool so we went to the second.  Played a little pool side basketball, although had a little trouble putting up the hoop.  But my my how about that swim instructor there that day.  Blue TIGHT Speedo Swim suit, Blue Speed Sunglasses, tan, luscious, and much much more.  After ending out escapades at the pool, we decided to drop by my friend Kasey's just for s**ts and giggles.  Michelle was there also and Kasey's boyfriend Colin!  God only knows what they were doing before we arrived, but that's between them and god. 

    After I got home, the skies turned dark, winds gusted