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Wednesday, July 10                             Bundaberg, Australia                                        Day 11


            After spending the night in a hotel, we ventured toward the airport where we were to take a plane to Lady Elliot Island to snorkel among the Great Barrier Reef.  As we left the hotel, half way to the airport we realize that Katherine had forgotten her suitcase at the hotel so we ended up going back and picking it up.  We departed the airport and after a short flight in a 13 seated airplane, we landed on Lady Elliot Island.  First, we settled into our tents and rented wet suits.  Then we practiced snorkeling in a salt pool.  Then we boarded a boat that takes us out a few hundred yards from the coast into deep waters.  We plunged into the cold water and were amazed at the beautiful reef below us.  We spend around an hour in the water and I was enjoying every minute of it.  After we finished we spend the rest of the day playing miniature golf, walking along the beaches, playing volleyball, and sun bathing by the pool.  That night we sat under the stars and gazed at the sky.