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Monday, July 15                       Rotorua, New Zealand                                     Day 16


First off we went to the Agrodome where we watched a professional sheep shearer at work and he made a comical show of it inviting the audience unto the stage.  Then we went to Waiotapu where Then we went on a Huka Jet ride in the Waikato river.  The Huka Jet ride is a fast moving boat where the drive does these crazy turns which will get you soaking wet.  It was very exciting.  Later that night we drove to Te Awamutu where we met our homestay family.  We all said goodbye for two days as we left with our family.  I had a homestay brother who was 17 named Keian and a homestay sister who was 19 named Lara.  That night we situated into our homes and got a good night’s rest.