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Tuesday, July 16                                   Te Awamutu, New Zealand                              Day 17


            Today we went to school with our homestay family.  We attended first period which was study hall and it was in the library.  I tried to get online using the school computers but just my luck, they were down.  Then during school my delegation went to a nearby museum.  The most interesting thing in the museum was this ice strip where they supply you with ice skates and you can skate on it.  It was a lot of fun.  After the museum we went shopping.  I hung out with Allison and her friends for a change from Katherine and Katrina.  Then we returned to the school and Matt and I returned to our homestay home.  Later that day, since our homestay dad was also the rugby coach at the school we watched rugby practice.  It sure was exciting although Matt and I didnít get in on the action.  We ate a delicious dinner of lamb and porkchops then I showed my homestay family my pictures that I had brought from home, and they showed me their vacation and pictures from them.  It was very interesting.  We also watched New Zealand Soap Opera and MTV believe it or not.