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Thursday, July 18                     Wellington, New Zealand                                              Day 19


            This morning we went to WWF, World Wide Fund for Nature.  We went into their reserve and viewed native New Zealand flora and fauna.  Early in the morning the fog covered everything then it was cool to watch the fog lift and the sunlight prevail behind the clouds.  Then we had lunch across the street in the tree house.  The food was excellent and they had pizza.  Afterwards we went to the Parliament House, also known as the beehive because it is shaped like one.  Then we went to Te Papa National Museum which had just about everything from painting to cars to earthquake simulation.  We even went on a virtual 3D ride, which was awesome.  That night we wondered the streets of Wellington on our own.  It was so cold and the wind was blowing mightily, and Wellington is known as the Windy City and people native to there know to walk at a 45 degree angle.  We were lost in the city, but Katherine CLAIMS that we weren’t.  She got really angry at me.  That night the food again was superb.  I had a great meal with wonderful desert.