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Saturday, July 8                                    Farmstay, Australia                                           Day 9


            Today was day 1 of farm life.  We split into four groups according to our last name and did different activities throughout the day.  The first thing I did was make Billie Tea where you boil a special teapot with a long handle and you swing it around and around with boiling water in it to mix the tea.  We tried it but it was with cold water, of course.  Then we went to watch the farmer shear a sheep and we all tried it.  Katherine made the sheep bleed because she so carelessly cut the sheep.  Then we rode horses in the afternoon, cracked whips, and threw boomerangs.  That was a lot of fun although I cracked the whip on my shoulder.  That night we danced to Australian Folk Songs, and visited an opal mine.